Tarpaulin & Covers

From our industrial sewing department in Houston, we provide highest quality workmanship in every light and heavy duty tarp or equipment cover we manufacture and offer just about every size, color, material, and configuration you can imagine. Custom and standard tarps and equipment covers protect form natures elements and extend the life or usefulness of any object. Here’s just a few of the finished items and raw goods we offer:

Amusement ride tops and covers Golf green covers Produce Canopies
Athletic equipment and field covers Grill covers Replacement Tarps
Bakery Conveyor Catch Cloth Gym dividers Roll up Curtains
Biogas covers Hanger Curtains Rubber Tarp Polypropylene and Shock Cord
Canvas Chair Covers Hatch Covers Skid Tarps/Covers
Canvas Material by yard or roll Haystack Covers Straight wall buildings
Cockpit covers Hospital Bags Sun Shades
Commercial air conditioner covers Hurricane Tarps Sunbrella roller curtains
Concrete curing covers Industrial Covers Swimming pool covers
Cot Covers Industrial Material Outdoor equipment covers
Curing blankets Industrial Roll up curtains Tarpaulin repairs
Curtain Partitions Loading Dock Covers Trailer Covers
Curtain Repairs Machinery covers PVC Coated vinyl by yard or roll
Custom Bags Marine Equipment Covers Waterproof Tarps
Drop Cloths Mesh Tarps Welding Curtains
Equipment Covers Oil Field Enclosures Wind breaks
Filter bags Oil Field Equipment Covers Windscreens
Fitted truck Tarps Oil rig windbreaks Generator
Tarps/Covers Outdoor equipment covers